46: Trevor Oldham on Motivation and Becoming the Lion

October 25, 2017


Season 2, Episode 4:


Today, I want to talk about motivation, specifically all the sources of motivation you see online. Of course as part of this show, I've developed my Instagram, @todareishuman, to share pieces of my stories within the motivational quotes I post just about every day. I've been grateful to grow the page to just over 2100 followers who are able to see a piece of my story every day. By the way if you'd like to be part of that, go over there and follow -- just figured I'd plug the page real quick.


2100 followers is OK. But how about over half a million? That'd be pretty great, right? Well today I've got the story of someone who has done just that in this niche. Trevor Oldham is the co-founder of Become the Lion, the World’s leading platform for changing your mindset from “I can’t do it’, ‘I’m giving up’”… to “I will become the STRONGEST version of myself NOW. Not next week, next year, but TODAY..”


The goal is to become the world’s premiere source of inspiration and expansion of the mind when it comes to success in business.


I chatted with Trevor to hear more about his story, from his early entrepreneurial days to today. And by the way, even today is the early days for him -- because he's barely 20. So now, without further ado, here is that story from the founder of top motivational platform Become the Lion, Trevor Oldham.





Website: https://www.todareishuman.com/.



See more of Become the Lion at https://www.becomethelion.com/!


Feel free to get in touch with me through any of those platforms to let me know what you're thinking, or if you have a great idea for someone who you can put me in touch with for an interview.




Music: "Yesterday" -- Jahzzar (licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0)




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