48: Tanner J. Fox on How to Go From $0 to $2 (Million)

November 8, 2017


Season 2, Episode 6:


Today I have a story of someone who has absolutely blown up on social media in the world of Amazon and making money online. I'm pretty pumped to have been one of the first to follow his message and and his story back when he started documenting his entrepreneurial pursuits just at the beginning of this year. Just keep that in mind.


Tanner J Fox set a goal at the beginning of this year. After a 2016 in which he was able to surpass making $10,000 a month selling products on Amazon, he set for himself a lofty step up. He had about 1000 subscribers on YouTube, maybe less at the time, actually, and envisioned a world in which he drove a Lamborghini and raked in 300,000 in profit for 2017. And so far, he's doing pretty well! He's up to just over $250,000...per MONTH. Tanner has been able to blow past those early-year resolutions and get himself into a position where he's made $2 million not only selling through Amazon but also creating a course on how to start your own online business, and growing his personal brand across social media. He's gone from a couple hundred followers to over 80,000 across all platforms, and he's documented it all on YouTube for us to see. Oh, and about that Lamborghini? He got that too, put a sweet wrap on it, got a jacked up Ford pickup, a Nissan GT-R, a McLaren, a house...all in this time period. Oh, and he's right on 21 years old too, have I mentioned that? So, like our feature two episodes ago, that was Trevor Oldham, episode 45 -- Tanner is getting started awfully early. 


I sat down with Tanner in the middle of this meteoric rise to talk about his humbler beginnings and his inspiration towards making a better life for himself. He makes it sounds pretty straightforward as to how you get started, but don't be fooled -- this takes a lot of hard work. Making a Dare, whatever it is, truly requires a grind, and Tanner does a great job explaining his. Stay tuned afterwards to hear about the ways you can learn from him as well, either through his online presences, or through his now best-selling online course on Amazon selling.


TANNER'S COURSE: https://amazonsellermastery.teachable.com







Website: https://www.todareishuman.com/.



Feel free to get in touch with me through any of those platforms to let me know what you're thinking, or if you have a great idea for someone who you can put me in touch with for an interview.




Music: "Yesterday" -- Jahzzar (licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0)





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